Please call 607-687-0510 or email with your questions or comments on how we can serve you. We are taking reservations regularly so make yours well in advance to be sure you have a room available on the night you are in town. We request full payment upon reservation with a credit card to hold your reservation. When you arrive and check-in, we will take your full reservation payment (cash, check, credit card). We take all forms of credit cards for your convenience and cash is always welcome. You can also visit our reservation page to book online.

Standard check-ins are from 4:00-6:00 PM. We are happy to arrange an early or late arrival provided requests are made at least 48 hours in advance and based on availability. However, we do not guarantee early check-ins. Reservations will be deemed cancelled after 8:00 PM and subject to our cancellation policies unless special arrangements are made. Check-out time is 11:00 AM.

Last Minute Reservations
Day-of and last minute reservations must be made by phone at 607-687-0510 and are based on availability.

Minimum Stay
Your time and travel is important to you, therefore, we do not require a minimum stay.

All room rates are subject to the current NYS Sales and County Occupancy Taxes

Cash or Credit Cards. We accept Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal. We gladly accept travelers checks, please make checks payable to Pumpelly House Estate.

While Pumpelly House Estate primary client’s are adults (ages 18 and older) Pumpelly House Estate welcomes children accompanied by adults at all times. When making a reservation, the adult on the reservation assumes all liability and full responsibility for children.

Changes and Cancellations
Because we are a small business any cancellations hurts.
Cancellations made within 72 hours of the stay will be billed in full.

Any guests who decide to end their stay before their scheduled departure date are still responsible for the full balance due on their reservation.

Because our standard rate is $89/night, we do not offer discounted rates unless staying 6 or more nights. We do offer discounted rates for guests who are conducting business in the Owego Area. Please call for discount pricing.

Candles, incense, smoking, pipes, cigars or anything that burns is absolutely not permitted inside the house. We offer a designated smoking area. If housekeeping smells smoke or finds cigarette/cigars, there will be a $250.00 cleaning fee. If other smoking or drug paraphernalia is smelled or noticed, local law enforcement will be notified.

Please note, we have resident dogs at Pumpelly House Estate. While staying with us, you may see Oscar, Bucky, Matte and Wallace. However, we do not allow them in the public area of the B&B or on the grounds of Pumpelly House Estate without supervision, and they are never in guest rooms. Because of our resident dogs, we are pet friendly, however, pets are not permitted in the rooms without their owners. This is for the safety of the pet, staff and furnishing in the rooms. If pets are left unattended, we will have to cancel your reservation and ask guests to leave, without refund.

We have 4 on-site parking spots at Pumpelly House Estate. One car per room. If guests will be arriving in separate cars, please have 2nd car park on Front Street. On-site and Front Street parking is free and at the owner’s expense.

Damage Waiver
If there are any damages to the house including furnishings (furniture, fabrics, fixtures, art, etc.), the proprietor will assess such damage and determine the cost to repair or replace such items, which then will be billed to the guest.

Breakfast is included in your reservation.

A full breakfast is served in the dining room between 8:00-10:00 AM unless guests request an alternate time and agreed to by the innkeepers. The coffee pot is usually on by about 7:00 AM. Let us know if you need us to brew decaf for you. We serve a set menu but try to remain flexible, just let us know you need an earlier breakfast time or if you have any dietary restrictions, allergies, or food preferences so we can make your breakfast a pleasurable experience.

For privacy to all our guests, visitors are not permitted on the 2nd floor guest room area of the B&B.

The main living room, lounge or porches are provided for you to relax, read a good book, sit and visit with friends and family.

Movie Channels on DirectTV
If you wish to rent a movie from your TV, it will prompt you to enter your credit card information.

We are happy to answer any questions, you can call us at 607-687-0510
or if you have questions or concerns not listed in our policies please ask ahead of time by emailing us at

Event Policies

Location: If hosting an on-site ceremony, you will be asked to reserve an Option A and Option B Location. Option A is at the discrepancy of Pumpelly House Estate Event Coordinator or Owner. If Option A is deemed unsafe or if inclement weather occurs, Option B will be implemented. This is the sole choice of Pumpelly House Estate Event Coordinator or Owner. Pumpelly House Estate has the right to move event location at its discretion if location becomes unsafe, construction, damaged, inclement weather, and headcount exceeds occupancy restrictions, safety reasons or other factors without notice.

Decorations: Only real flower petals, bubbles, butterflies, and birds for release are permitted outside the Pumpelly House or Carriage House. We do not permit the use of fireworks, firecrackers, sparklers, balloons, bird seed, rice, confetti, or any other hazardous, non-biodegradable or animal attracting products.

Location: The reception location is the Carriage House Event Center unless otherwise noted in the contract. Hors d’oeuvre and cocktail receptions take place on the riverside deck and the main reception inside the carriage house.

Pumpelly House Estate has the right to move event location at its discretion if location becomes unsafe, construction, damaged, inclement weather, and headcount exceeds occupancy restrictions, safety reasons or other factors without notice.

Change in Style of Reception:
Pumpelly House Estate has the right to change the style reception to any of our reception styles if headcount exceeds style reception or if headcount exceeds occupancy restrictions, safety reasons or other factors without notice.

Decorations: Pumpelly Estate is a carry-in, carry-out facility. We do not offer storage space prior to, during or after an event. Please make arrangements with friends and family for quick setup and teardown of event. All boxes, bags, totes, crates, etc. will need to be removed from the Pumpelly House and Carriage House immediately after set-up and clean-up, please plan accordingly; this includes interior and exterior decorations, linens, etc. All personal items, including decorations, clothing, gifts, cake, etc., must be removed at the conclusion of the event. The contracting party is responsible for the packaging and removal of all items. Pumpelly House Estate does not provide boxes for cake or other items.  Pumpelly House Estate is not responsible for any items left at the Estate at the end of the function. Any and all items that are not removed in the designated time and event date, become the sole property of Pumpelly House Estate and we may do what we choose with items left.

Candles: Due to insurance and liability, Pumpelly House Estate requires all candles to the battery operated.

Setup and Cleanup of Event: Contracting client must pre-arrange in this contract timeline, when they will be coming to setup. We offer a 1 hour complimentary setup time and 30 minute complimentary cleanup time. If contracted times are exceeded, contracting client will be billed $250 per every 15 minutes over the contracted time. If the contracting client will not be available for set-up or clean-up, Pumpelly House Estate requires the name(s) and phone number of the person who will be setting up and cleaning up (which will be required on the vendor contract). Contracting client is responsible for charges assessed for early set-up arrival and later clean-up.

Event Conclusion: As Pumpelly Estate is located in a residential neighborhood, events on Fridays and Saturdays must conclude by 9:30pm, and Sunday through Thursdays events must conclude by 9:00pm, there are no exceptions. The time may not be extended and music must end promptly at the required conclusion time based on day. Guests must vacate the premises within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the event, unless they are part of the cleanup. Everyone must vacate the premises within a half hour (30 minutes) of the conclusion of the event of a $250 per 15 minute charge will be invoiced to the contracting client, payment due immediately with or check. We suggest hosting your after-party at one of the other hotels or bars in Owego.

Event guests have access to on-street parking. Bed and Breakfast Guests have access to limited off-street parking in the designated Guest Parking Lot. Parking is also available at the County Lot located on Academy Street. There will be no parking permitted on lawns, Bacon Street, private side of driveway, or by Carriage House. All violators will be towed at their own expense.

Other Events:
Pumpelly House Estate has the right to reserve the Pumpelly House, Carriage House, grounds or gardens any time preceding or following a contracted event.

Outside Vendors & Contracts:

We require a copy of all outside vendor contracts at least 60 days prior to the function so that we can ensure electrical, space, and time constraints are met. We will try to accommodate your vendor’s needs and requests, but Pumpelly Estate does not guarantee needs and requests will be fulfilled. All vendors (excluding Pumpelly House Estate and cake baker) are required to schedule an appointment to meet and tour Pumpelly House Estate at least 30 days prior to the scheduled function. By not doing so, Pumpelly Estate has the right to refuse outside vendors’ access to the property. We require Vendor Contact Information Contract in the case we need to contact them. (Name, Business, Address, Business and Cell Phone, and Email).

Left, Theft, Lost or Stolen Items:
Pumpelly House Estate is not responsible for any items left, lost, misplaced, or stolen. If any items are found after the conclusion of the event, Pumpelly House Estate will call the contracting party and items must be picked up within 48 hours of event conclusion at a scheduled time or become the property of Pumpelly House Estate.

Smoking at the Estate:
Smoking is permitted at Pumpelly House Estate only in designated posted areas, all violators will be asked to leave the property immediately if cigarette, cigars are not distinguished immediately.

Pumpelly House Estate is a drug free zone. If drugs are seen or suspected, we will notify the police immediately.

Pumpelly House Estate does not offer rehearsal due to other event and the time that rehearsals take up. We offer an event planner to help prepare wedding party attendants to go down the aisle. However, we do suggest that you practice in the privacy of your home with wedding party attendants. If you wish to schedule a rehearsal, rehearsals will be based on availability and a charge for the rental amount will be required in full, non-refundable and non-transferable.

Additional rental items:
(i.e. chair covers, overlays, change of tablecloth colors, centerpieces, mirrors, etc.) Pumpelly House Estate will rent what is needed to complete the package contracted. Rental items will be added to final headcount contract with amount due. Contracting party wishing to rent items on their own which are not included in rental contract or package must give list to event planner of additional rented items and all items must be delivered the morning of the event by 9:00am or they will not be excepted. All items must be removed from Pumpelly House Estate at the conclusion of the event, unless pre-arranged with Pumpelly House Estate and noted in final headcount contract. All pre-arranged items left must be picked up by noon the Monday after the event or there will be a $200.00 per day storage fee invoiced to contracting client. Pumpelly House Estate is not responsible for items left and not rented by Pumpelly House Estate.

Pumpelly House Estate schedules final walkthroughs Monday-Wednesdays. We require walkthroughs to be completed 14 days prior to your scheduled event. We will not schedule walkthroughs on weekends or if it is closer than 14 days to scheduled event.

Contract and Payment
Changes to agreements: All changes must be made in writing by client and acknowledged in writing by Pumpelly House Estate at least 30 days prior to event. In the event last minute changes cannot be avoided, Pumpelly House Estate will make every attempt to accommodate the client’s needs. However, Pumpelly House Estate cannot guarantee that late requests and changes will be met. Change fees may apply and will be added to final headcount contract

Additional Time Charges: Please note that the cost of service staff quoted is based upon the predetermined start and end times. Therefore, should an event run longer than planned or client changes the start and/or end times, weather or other circumstances outside Pumpelly House Estate’s control may lead to an additional charge on the day of the event for setup or breakdown. Payment will be due immediately following the event.

Gratuity: An 18% gratuity on all services is included in your estimate. Additional gratuity is at the client’s discretion.

Minimum Headcount: We require a minimum guaranteed headcount at the time of Rental Contract. With this number, we will setup all future contracts; rental, beverage, catering, menu, etc. based on this number. If final headcount exceeds this number, remaining balance will be due 8 days prior to event date. If final headcount falls below this number, there will be no refund, and amount due for guaranteed minimum headcount is due in full or event will be forfeited along with all monies paid to date.

Final Headcount: We require final headcount 12 days prior to event date.

All monies paid towards above event is non-refundable and non-transferable.


  • Client assumes complete responsibility for any and all damages caused by guests or vendor behaviors.
  • Pumpelly House Estate is not responsible for the damage or loss of clients or client’s vendors or guests’ equipment or belongings.
  • Pumpelly House Estate is not responsible for failure to perform its obligations under this agreement due to reasons beyond its control, including but not limited to natural disaster of any kind, flood, fire, power outages, brown outs, labor, order of government authority, restrictions or regulations on travel, breakdown of equipment, transportation, accidents, consequential damages, or any event and/or cause described as an act of God or deemed unsafe by the Sheriff or other local, state or national law enforcement of jurisdictions.
  • Pumpelly House Estate is not responsible for any services contracted with vendors.
  • If the client is uncertain as to whether a service can be performed or permitted at Pumpelly House Estate, please contact Pumpelly House Estate prior to contracting the service.
  • Client assumes full responsibility and liability of Pumpelly House Estate, grounds, Carriage House, and main House, while they or any of their guests are on the Pumpelly House Estate premises.

Payment: We accept corporate checks, personal checks, bank checks and cash.  Payment is required 8 days prior to the scheduled event, or the event will be null and voided and no refund will be given. Payments are due on the above Rental Fee and Payment Schedule. If payment is not received by CASH or CHECK on or before the scheduled date, there will be a 3% late fee charge per day.